What To Do When You're Injured By a Defective Product

When you pay attention to the news, you’ll quickly find that more and more defective products are recalled every other day. Everything from grocery items to baby toys, prescription drugs, airbags, automobiles, and much more turn out to be defective and pose potential risks to consumers everywhere.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, you may  not know where to turn. At first, you may assume it was just user error – but this is very likely not the case.

How Do I Know If a Product is Defective?

A defective product is simply a commercially made item of any category that does not fit the legal standard applied to their industry. These products are unfit for their intended use, or have been crafted with certain elements that increase the risk of injury to their users during normal use. They may also lack adequate instructions or warnings intended to keep users safe. Sometimes, what makes a product defective is merely the way they were assembled after their manufacture.

How to Handle a Defective Product Injury

Once you have suffered an injury as the result of a defective product, you need to take immediate steps to ensure that your injuries are cared for before they become serious. Do not delay getting proper medical attention – call professional help as soon as possible.

Afterward, preserve the defective product to the best of your ability in the exact state it was in when it caused the injury. Any packaging, instructions, warnings, proofs of purchase, and other materials related to the product are critical in helping you determine where responsibility lies for your injuries.

The next important step is to reach out to a highly-qualified personal injury attorney in East Texas. With an experienced advocate in defective product lawsuits, you can receive compensation for your injuries and be better set to resume your normal life.

What Will an East Texas Defective Products  Attorney Do to Help?

When you enlist the services of a professional accident attorney like those at the Grant & Flanery law firm, you’ll be able to remove the guesswork from your defective product injury case.  An attorney can investigate whether the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, or other entity related to the product in question can be held responsible for your injury. At Grant & Flanery, we have an in-depth knowledge of legal precedent regarding defective product laws and have tried many successful cases similar to yours.

You know for a fact it wasn’t your fault you were injured by a defective product in East Texas. That’s why our professional attorneys will fight for your rights as we handle your case, providing strong solutions along the way to achieve a just outcome. For more information on the defective product attorneys at Grant & Flanery Law Firm, contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.