How to Avoid Careless Driving Accidents

Each year on East Texas roads, drivers are severely injured or even killed in accidents that did not have to happen. These automobile accidents are the result of distracted, careless drivers who engaged in dangerous, unnecessary behaviors while behind the wheel.

At the Grant & Flanery Law Firm, we believe these accidents are entirely avoidable – especially if all drivers adhere firmly to the rules of the road.

Types of Careless Driving

Drivers may be careless while operating their vehicles for a whole host of reasons. The most common careless driving error these days may be texting while driving, which leads to thousands of accidents on our roads every year. However, eating and drinking while driving, searching through your vehicle, operating your vehicle’s radio or GPS, and even smoking can lead to similarly severe accidents.

Beyond these most common careless driving factors are another set of activities and even mindsets that lead to accidents every day. Some of these include driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, experiencing road rage and “competing” with other drivers, and anything else that limits your focus from the road in front of you.

Another major careless driving mistake is driving while sleep-deprived. Many drivers take to the roads at night, either for work (especially in the case of commercial truck drivers) or normal life activities. When they start to feel drowsy, they may try to power through and finish their trip instead of acting responsibly. A drowsy driving accident can be just as deadly as any other automobile accident, endangering both yourself and others on the roads of East Texas.

This is why it is incredibly important to be mindful while driving at night. While you might feel wide awake, other vehicles sharing the roads with you may be operated by drowsy drivers. Always remain alert to the driving behaviors of vehicles around you, and be careful to keep multiple car lengths between your vehicle and those in front and behind you. When driving on multiple-lane highways, try not to drive alongside other vehicles and opt to form a single-file line in the right lane.

Training yourself to never be a distracted, careless, or drowsy driver may require some effort and focus on your part, but it is critical to ensuring you remain safe at all times while in your vehicle. Even if other drivers act without concern for others, by remaining a safe driver, you can mitigate the risks of falling victim to their careless driving mistakes.

Finding Appropriate Representation for Your Careless Driving Accident Case

If you have been involved in an accident involving a careless driver, distracted driver, or drowsy driver, you can’t let the opposition have the advantage. You need a highly qualified careless driving accident attorney on your side to ensure you get the greatest possible results in your case. At the Grant & Flanery Law Firm, we have ample experience in East Texas courts handling automobile accidents of all types and are committed to creating winning strategies for our clients. For more information on the East Texas automobile accident attorneys at Grant & Flanery, contact us today.